Pleased to meet you!

It's still fresh in the new First Friends year and we'd like to take the opportunity to introduce the Committee Members. The committee meets about once every 2-3 months to organise essential business (from paying the bills to buying the biscuits) to planning the fun stuff, such as the monthly craft activities, special events and social activities.

nearly all of us are here somewhere in this picture...
Angelika Angerer (Germany)
Miriam Deutsch (Germany)
Lisa Longdon (England)
Lorena Salazar (Ecquador)
Mascha Hoexum-Moerenburg (The Netherlands/New Zealand)

Laura Thanner (Italy)
Monique Heyneke (South Africa)
Kate Lewis (UK)
Wendela Seyger (The Netherlands)
Clare Berril (UK)
Winnie Chan (Hong Kong)
Anna Chiappone (Italy)
Colleen Cropp (South Africa)
Nicoline Krijzer (The Netherlands)
Belinda van Midden (Mexico)
Elizabeth Wassenaar (Founder- England)
Leigh Bampton (Australia)
Paola Formica (Italy)

Towards the end of the (school) year, when there are some members stepping down, others who are interested in joining the committee are invited to maintain the smooth running of the group. Please email us if you have interest in joining the committee.

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