Spring Picnic in the Park

It's time for a picnic again! Everyone is welcome to come to our family picnic in Park Rusthoff, Sassenheim; it's a fantastic park with a kinderboerderij, cafe, loads of dog poop-free grass for the littlies to run around safely on, parents to relax a little...
Who: the Families
Bring: Picnic blanket, food to share for late picnic lunch/early dinner
Where: Park Rusthoff, Sassenheim (info)

Park Rusthoff, Sassenheim weergeven op een grotere kaart
Date: 15 May 2011
Time: 3pm

There is a small children's farm and toilets in the area. Parking is available on the street around the park.

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Holiday Programs for Kids in Singapore said...

It seems like a really good spot for the playgroup to have picnic at. Good choice